The Blitz features each of the traditional arts executed in a non-traditional way to deliver an artistic payload to the senses. Poetry, prose, illustration, photography and painting revolve around the theme of tangible literature and art.

Reinventing the idea of the book, pieces from the first chapter are set to music by classically trained Taras Mashtalir of Machine Libertine. The poetry on the page is rendered into an acoustically vibrant realm utilizing 21st Century genres, techniques and digitized voice. The composer's signature algorithm style extends the poems into an acoustical landscape. Roberta Hall’s film treats the books principal poem as the subject of a short film.

Enter the war room by reading the book and discover how the poem “Portrait of an Inner Life” was systemically posted throughout the United States in six months by organized street teams. See photographs of the posted stickers and follow the fates of the poem-filled glass bottles that were set adrift in Blitzkrieg.

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