Blitzkrieg: a surprise artistic assault by massed electronic, air, sea and ground forces under close coordination.

The classical arts combine for a multimedia experience. Poet and editor John Gosslee, composer Taras Mashtalir, illustrator Yumi Sakugawa, painter Scott Kirschner and filmmaker Roberta Hall unite to reinvent the art of the book for the 21st Century.

John Gosslee envisioned a project that unified the arts into one mission: to create a book that supported traditional literature and art in a non-traditional way.

Reinventing the book as an art form, John Gosslee looked for a musician, an illustrator, a painter, and a filmmaker who had strong experience in each of their disciplines, exhibited innovation in their work and were dedicated to the mission of Blitzkrieg.

After securing publisher Rain Mountain Press, and drawing up battle plans, the mission was afoot.


Author John Gosslee

John Gosslee is the editor of Fjords Review and the author of 12: Sonnets for the Zodiac. He rides a motorcycle and is blog master at johngosslee.com.

Composer Taras Mashtalir

Taras Mashtalir is a classically trained composer and sound designer. He has worked with producer Patrick Leonard and is the front man for the digital music group Machine Libertine. His sound scapes have been featured on Discovery, TNT, FOX Sports and CBS.

Illustrator Yumi Sakugawa

Yumi Sakugawa is a comic book artist and illustrator based in the Southern California. She is a regular comic / illustrator online contributor to The Rumpus and Wonderhowto. Her illustrated book I THINK I AM IN FRIEND-LOVE WITH YOU (based on the web comic of the same name) is available everywhere.

Painter Scott Kirschner

Scott has painted for Magic: The Gathering. He’s enjoyed a high level of commercial exposure that translates into his work being featured in traditional art galleries. His first gallery exhibition at Arch Enemy in 2013 sold out by the end of the night.

Filmmaker Roberta Hall

Graphic Designer and Filmmaker Roberta Hall has designed layout for numerous newsstand publications including Discovery Girls and Jacomo.

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